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Granny Square Part 3

February 8th, 2009 · No Comments

Are your hands tired yet?? Chances are that you’ve created about one hundred granny squares and so far they just look like squares sitting in your tote bag! Take heart. Now we are going to look at how to join them together.  You will remember me telling you how much I dislike working with items that are not one piece so you can imagine how awkward I find these.  But, none the less, I recently worked on a super large project of making another set of slipcovers out of granny squares.

But, we are working on a granny square afghan and the tale of the slipcovers shall wait another day!

Let’s Assemble

First, decide how you want your squares laid out.  Now I have a rather unique way of handling the assembly of these. Some people prefer to just join all of the squares together and do a border all the way around the outside. That is of course perfectly acceptable, but I prefer this method:

Using your base color yarn (that’s the solid color we talked about earlier).  Some people like to use all black or all white yarn for this.  Chain stitch until you have reached the proper length of your afghan.  Chain one additional stitch and turn.  Now single crochet all the way back and continue to single crochet until you reach the end.  Chain one and turn and repeat.  You should repeat this until you have a strip that is two (2) inches wide.  Repeat for as many ‘rows’ of granny squares that you will have (for instance if are going to use 5 squares wide you will make 6 of these).

The set up is this:  Base color strip (1), square (1), base color strip (2), square (2), base color strip (3), square (3), base color strip (4), square (4), base color strip (5), square (5) base color strip (6).  This is for the LENGTH of your afghan, not the width.  Unless you want to you do not need to do base color strips for the width portion of your afghan. It can be done, however it’s a little more complicated since you will be working around the length base color strips.  If you want directions on how to do that please just drop a comment here and we will provide the instructions.

Work on this and we’ll talk about joining them together in Part 4, our final session!  Happy Crocheting!

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