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Staying Warm for the Game

February 4th, 2009 · No Comments

I don’t how many readers of this blog are sports fan, but I for one am!  I love football especially - but what I really don’t like is when the sun starts dropping in the horizon I get cold.  With this cold and miserable winter, I was trying to figure out what I could make that would be quick, simple and useful.

So, I decided that I wanted to make something that could easily be carried to my next football outing.   One of the problems with acrylic yarns is that no matter which stitches you use the product is very heavy.  Who wants to carry a five pound blanket with them to a football game? Not me.  So I decided to do some experimenting and see what happened!

The Idea

So the entire premise here is to make a throw that is going to be fairly warm, lightweight and washable.  Simply enough any type of sports venue means dripping food, spilled drinks and dirt and dust - so the throw must be washable (and preferably dryable).

First the Yarn

We’ve already discussed the problems with acrylic yarns. Now wool yarns are nice but frankly, they itch and not all of them are washable. I’m not a big fan of wool anyway.  Silk yarn is great too, but again, not really super washable.  So I decided to try a medium weight chenille yarn.   You can purchase the cakes of this yarn at a very reasonable price using eBay auctions.  In fact, I got 8 cakes for $7 in an auction (paid more than that for shipping).  Fortunately, this yarn is the perfect blend of washable, dryable, and offers the added benefit of not being heavy when the garment is complete.  It also folds up nicely into a small package!  Here’s the other good thing - if all you are using this for is warmth and for sporting events it does not matter what color you use. You can use one color yarn, a lot of colors of yarn or you can pick out your team colors!

Now the Hook

So you are going to have to decide what size crochet hook you want to use.  For me, anything larger than a “K” crochet hook works. I experimented with this and I settled on a “K” for the purposes of my throw.  Before I decided I crocheted squares of 4″ X 4″ using several sizes of hooks before I settled on the crochet hook that I used.

Now the Pattern

You are thinking to yourself - just how complicated is this going to be? Well surprise, it is not going to be the least bit complicated!  First, decide how wide you want the throw to be.  Create your base row (chain stitch) until the proper width is obtained.  From there, simply add one additional chain, turn and begin a single crochet stitch.  You can continue until you have reached the desired length of your throw.

Finishing Touches

Here is the great part about this - if you decided to make your throw all one color you can use contrasting colors and create an edge from the same exact stitch and simply attach.  If you are not interested in a particular edge you can simply cut strands and make a fringe for each of your four corners.

Note: I am experimenting!  We have all seen ‘Quillows’ (i.e. the quilt that folds into a pillow). I’m trying to see if I can determine just how to make this addition to this throw.  If I succeed, you will find the update in my next post.

Until then, Happy Crocheting!

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